For Starting Business Easy And Cheep

For Starting Business
Easy And Cheep

Every business is unique, demanding solutions that fit their needs and their budget. Business2Go offers solutions for different kinds of enterprises, from home to medium business. The four available editions are ready to serve the most budget-conscious as well as the most demanding customers.

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For Growing Business

For Growing

Business2Go grows on you, and scales together with your business. From the free Start edition to feature-laden Professional, Business2Go has everything available for your current and future business needs. Those who are always on the run will appreciate the full Internet support allowing Business2Go to be used from any place on the globe just as if you were in the office.

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Business2Go 3 Start

An entry level solution for small businesses upgrading from a manual or personal finance-based system.

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Business2Go 3 Standard

An advanced business management tool that provides the valuable insight necessary to make more effective business decisions.

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Business2Go 3 Small Business

A simple, cost-effective and helpful entry level solution that allows you to easily automate your accounting with confidence.

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Business2Go 3 Professional

A comprehensive business management tool for forward-thinking business owners who need the advanced tools and insight necessary to manage their growing businesses.

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News And Articles

31 Jul 2018

License your copies of Business2Go today and update them to the new version for free

We want to make a gift for those customers who for some reasons use Business2Go illegally without purchasing licenses for every copy installed on their computers.
15 Sep 2009

CreateMark Name Change Reflects New Focus

Quest2Go Software is changing its name to CreateMark to reflect the company's new priorities and the shift of focus.
15 Sep 2009

A Major Update of Business2Go

CreateMark updates Business2Go to version 3. The new release incorporates numerous business studies and years of research on usability and performance.
15 Sep 2009

New Level of Customer Service

CreateMark takes customer service to a new level by offering product improvements and introducing a multitude of support options.
15 Sep 2009

CreateMark Discounts Business2Go

For a limited time only, the new release of Business2Go is available at a reduced price. The sale ends May 31st, 2010.
20 Dec 2016

It is Now Ready for Large Data Volume

We did a lot to make it fast and comfortable for users to work with data: our product now uses MS SQL Server database, client and server were optimized so that Business2Go is much ...
29 Apr 2015

What makes advanced filter a really powerful and useful tool?

We have already mentioned that we've developed a data filtering mechanism that allows building complex filtering conditions, using logic operators AND, OR and perform geo filtering....
26 Mar 2015

Geo Filtering Step by Step

We have mentioned before that Business2Go v3 will have a very powerful search and filtering tool – Advanced Filter. It will be available in such modules as Customers, Vendors, Invoices...
19 Feb 2015

Filtering Data Lists: a Convenient Favorites Feature

Even before the new version is released we get a lot of opinions on improving Business2Go. One of those that we have already put into practice concerns data filters. In the New Features...
26 Nov 2014

A Few More Words about Exporting Data Lists

If you've already used earlier versions of Business2Go, then you might know that exporting data from the application even to the most popular file formats was a real pain. However,...