Founded in 1998 as Quest2Go Software, the company has undergone through a major re-branding in 2009. Named as CreateMark, the revamped company services small and medium-size businesses needs worldwide by providing readily available and custom accounting, integrated CRM, Business Intelligence and Document Management solutions. The needs of businesses change quickly, and so does CreateMark. The company strives to deliver the latest technologies and regular updates to automate customer relation, business workflow and accounting operations of small and medium-size businesses. Business automation solutions by CreateMark allow customers running their businesses smoothly and without hassle. The company's flagship product, Business2Go, integrates everything necessary to help your company become a successful enterprise. Based on Business2Go, CreateMark offers the development of custom vertical market solutions to various industries, with recent experience of delivering a business solution for pharmaceutical industry.

Business customers can rely on the professional expertise of CreateMark's specialists to help identify their needs in the areas of customer relations, workflow, accounting and business intelligence, and use appropriate technologies to satisfy their unique demands. With CreateMark's vast expertise in producing custom and ready-made solutions aimed precisely at small and medium-size businesses worldwide, customers from all over the world will be able to get the right solution for them and their businesses. CreateMark's commitment to provide only the best customer service guarantees each and every customer receiving personal service from the company's highly knowledgeable staff of customer support, marketing and technical departments.

For over 10 years, the company has been focusing on delivering the best customer service, supplying the latest technologies and always pursuing perfection. Today, CreateMark manufactures the most innovative, cost-effective, robust and reliable products suited perfectly for day to day use in a production environment. CreateMark has spent many years creating a strong base for its current achievements. Completely re-branded in 2009, the revamped company stays on the edge of current technology and provides its customers with quality innovations and breakthrough technologies.

No matter whether you run a home office or manage an enterprise, CreateMark's solutions are created to satisfy the most demanding customers today and tomorrow. Reasonably priced and constantly developing, CreateMark's solutions ensure constant peace of mind when growing your business.