Our main business is development of ready business solutions for a wide range of consumers. But for those customers whose wish is to have additional competitive advantages or unique solutions for their business, we can offer a custom development service.

With this service you can order in our company any solutions in accounting, financial, CRM, document management or business intelligence fields. We are engaged in custom solutions development on basis of our ready products and at the same time we are able to design entirely new products.

The works' prices depend on task complexity level and terms. So, they are discussed personally with every customer.

If you grew interested in this service and wish to learn more about it, click here to send us your request.

Also, we offer all our customers a unique and inexpensive service to improve already purchased products. You can order us development of new or modification of existing reports and macros. This can give you an essential advantage before your business rivals for peanuts! To learn more about Software Improvements Service click here.