Why Business2Go?

Business2Go is a perfect automation solution for startups, small and medium-size businesses. From free Start Edition to full-scale Professional Edition, Business2Go grows with your business, saving your time and efforts on routine tasks. Automating customer relations, accounting, banking and finances, and taking care of large inventories, Business2Go has top ten important benefits to offer.

1. Start your business free of charge.
Business2Go Start is free, offering all the basics and essentials to small business and startup owners. With no artificial limits on the number of records, Business2Go can replace much more expensive accounting solutions while offering much more than a simple accounting tool.

2. Protect your investment.
Business2Go does not have any restrictions on how and for how long you use the product. If you are happy with your edition, you can use it for years without paying a dime! And when you are ready to make a leap with your business, other editions are there to take off from that point.

3. Scales and grows with your business.
Your business grows, and so does Business2Go. With four distinct editions, there's just a perfect choice for everyone. When your business grows and puts higher demands on Business2Go, just upgrade to a more advanced edition to scale your operations!

4. Easy to start. Easy to work.
Business2Go is as easy to learn as to use. A simple wizard takes you through the process of creating a company quickly in just a few easy steps. Have been using another system? Business2Go will import its data and start from there. You can import and export data at any time with just a few clicks.

Using Business2Go for everyday routine is just as easy. Common operations take just a few mouse clicks to complete. For complex data mining tasks, a reference is readily available. Even novice computer users feel comfortable using Business2Go!

5. Get insight into your business.
One has to try Business2Go to learn how much insight is available about a business you've never even thought of. Search, browse, group and filter all types of information without getting an engineering degree! Essential information about your company, its performance and operation is available in just a few clicks. Comprehensive reports are available for making impressive summaries.

6. Customize to your needs.
Every business is different, and so is Business2Go. You can change, tune, switch, and customize almost any feature. Custom searches, navigation tables, colors, logos and reports are just a few clicks away.

7. Communicate via Internet.
You don't have to be in your office to use Business2Go. With full Internet support, Business2Go can be used from anywhere in the world. Even if you are on a business trip, using Business2Go is as easy as if you were in the office!

8. Tight integration.
Business2Go integrates tightly with other products and systems. You can import and export data to and from Business2Go at any time in just a few clicks. Making reports and analyzing data in Microsoft Excel can be done without leaving Business2Go.

9. Secure multi-user operation.
Business2Go does not take information security lightly. Multi-user editions support user rights management, making it possible to allow or deny access to each module or operation. All user actions can be logged, and in Professional Edition you can track data changes down to field change.

10. Free basic lifetime support.
All customers receive free technical support by email and through the helpdesk system during the life of the product.