Business2Go Start

Business2Go 3 Start

A cost-effective, entry-level solution for automating the routine of small businesses. Business2Go Start has every feature a small business needs, including invoicing, quotations and receipts, tracking of customers and sales representatives, sales and purchase orders, vendor tracking, bills and bill payments, as well as some basic inventory control. Business2Go 3 Start is ready for international markets, offering transparent multi-currency control, banking and accounting in multiple currencies.

Business2Go Start is an entry-level business automation system for professionals, small businesses, startups and SOHO customers offered by CreateMark completely free of charge. The Start edition has everything you need to launch and grow a small business. Every feature your small business will need in foreseeable future is there: customer tracking, invoicing, quotations management, sales representative and vendor management, receipts, billing and bill payments.

A basic form of inventory control is included with the Start edition. Banking and accounting support are included. More than 35 reports are available to show what's going on with your business. The included import and export features allow for seamless data exchange between Business2Go and other financial products, spreadsheets or database applications.

The Start edition is designed to work in a single-user mode without right or permission management. Your data is safe with full backup capabilities built into Business2Go 3 Start. With Business2Go 3 Start, you have nothing to lose - the product is available free of charge!

Business2Go 3 Start is single-user multi-company accounting software. Data limit is 2GB.


Business2Go 2010 Start's sales partially cover the sales process: it prepares quotation for customers, creates one-click sales order on the basis of a quotation and then on the basis of this with same ease you can get an invoice. In an invoice you can immediately enter the information on customer's payment.

Every kind of reports (including quotation, sales order, invoice etc.) can be sent via email. The report formats available for sending via e-mail are PDF, RTF, HTML, XLS, XML, CSV, TXT, ODT, ODS, BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG.


Business2Go 2010 Start's purchases partially cover the purchase process. You can create purchase orders and then send them to your vendor via e-mail. As soon as the items arrive to the stock you can simply convert your purchase order into purchase receipt and state the real quantity of each item received. Then you can convert purchase receipt into bill and pay.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control helps managing your stock and non-stock items. Your stock items can be kept at a single location. You can assign one picture per item.


You can create bank accounts, write checks, put cash to bank deposits, do the bank reconciliation, and make corrections.


With the software accounting each transaction that is being provided, will go directly to your General Ledger. Chart of accounts supports account and sub account information. You can make corrections with General Ledger Adjustments if necessary.

Custom Relation Management

Business2Go 2010 Start's CRM allows to create a united company register. For example, a company is your customer and you want to list the same company as a vendor. You don't have to add a new vendor in the Vendor module, you only have to mark this company as a vendor. Thus, certain general information including the address list will be available in the Vendors module for this customer.


To get all the information from software you can use over 35 ready reports.

Every report can be saved in such formats: PDF, RTF, HTML, XLS, XML, CSV, TXT, ODT, ODS, BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG.


All the operations relating to import and export are deeply integrated into the software and you can import or export any data list in few clicks - anywhere, anytime.

Data can be imported from formats Business2Go, MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL Server, CSV.

Data can be exported to formats HTML, MS Excel, XML, CSV.


You can backup your company databases and restore them if necessary. The backing tool allows to keep the history and backup operations log.

Customizations and Configurations

Every module and data list is customizable - you can modify the fields you like to see in your data lists, create data groups, footers and other layout elements.

The adjustments created by you on one computer automatically become available on another computer under the same login registered in the program.