A fully scalable advanced business automation solution for forward-thinking business owners. Business2Go Professional has everything to satisfy the most demanding businessmen, hosting numerous automation and reporting features. The tools supplied with this ultimate suite include customer tracking, sales representatives, management and tracking of quotations, sales orders, invoices, purchase orders, receipts and bills. Advanced inventory control allows tracking huge stocks in multiple warehouses.

International business gets easier with Business2Go Professional thanks to its transparent multi-currency banking and accounting support. The Professional edition includes features unavailable with other editions such as customer relation management, document management, and business intelligence.

Advanced reporting facilities of Business2Go Professional offer more than 140 customizable reports with the ability to create custom reports. The Professional edition adds the ability to create reports in MS Excel.

Exchanging data with other financial applications is easy thanks to the import and export features. Multiple authorized users are supported with advanced rights management allowing or restricting every aspect or operation. The Professional edition adds the ability to audit activities of every user. Scaling Business2Go Professional is easy with built-in support for growing numbers of records, customers, and operations. Data safety is supported by data backups. The suite comes with geo and demographic data for US states and cities.

Business2Go Professional is multi-company, multi-currency, and network ready accounting software. Business2Go Professional supports multi-user access to data with unlimited number of users. Work is possible in local network as well as via Internet. Business2Go Professional is designed taking business growth into account and that is why it provides work with large data volume.


Business2Go Professional's sales cover the whole sales process: it prepares quotation for customers, creates one-click sales order on the basis of a quotation and then on the basis of this with same ease you can get an invoice. In an invoice you can immediately enter the information on customer's payment. In case some items were not shipped due to being out of stock you can create a purchase order to deliver the needed quantity of these items. The same way you can create a back order for backordered items quantity. To make the backordered items managing more convenient, the software provides the tool of back orders batch creation. For the case in which customer returns items, the software has the tool to record the return fact - RMA and Credit Memo.

You can set pricing and item price discounts individually for each customer. In addition you have possibility to set the special sale price duration for customers. You also have other special options which make approach to each customer more individual.

If the customer fails to pay on date you can set the fine with the Finance Charges module.

Every kind of reports (including quotation, sales order, invoice etc.) can be sent via email. Moreover, you can choose the template to create a personalized e-mail message on the basis of it. The report formats available for sending via e-mail are PDF, RTF, HTML, XLS, XML, CSV, TXT, ODT, ODS, BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG.


Business2Go Professional's purchases allow to organize the whole purchase process. You can create purchase orders using the information on previously registered vendors' prices in Inventory Items module, and then send them to your vendor via e-mail. To make your messages more personalized there are e-mail templates. As soon as the items arrive to the stock you can simply convert your purchase order into purchase receipt and state the real quantity of each item received. Then you can convert purchase receipt into bill and pay. If you need to return some items you have received earlier, use the Debit Memo module.

Inventory Control

Inventory Control helps managing your stock and non-stock items. Your stock items can be kept at different warehouses. Each item can have unlimited units of measure to organize the purchase, sales and storage in various units of measure. Also, for each item there is possible an unlimited number of accessories, substitutes, pictures, price levels, special prices, and default vendors noting the vendor's item price, item number and description.

To constantly have a needed quantity of items in store you can set and control reorder points. Use Stock Replenishment module to instantly create purchase orders for out of stock items.

In case you need to create an item by combining other items, use Inventory Assemblies module.

If you want to give a detailed description of an item, use the built-in mechanism of item characteristics.

To be in the know of positioning your price in front of competitors' prices you can keep the competitor price catalogue.


You can create bank accounts, write checks, put cash to bank deposits, do the bank reconciliation, and make corrections.


With the software accounting each transaction that is being provided, will go directly to your General Ledger. Chart of accounts supports account and sub account information. You can make corrections with General Ledger Adjustments if necessary.

Custom Relation Management

Business2Go Professional's CRM allows to create a united company register. For example, a company is your customer and you want to list the same company as a vendor. You don't have to add a new vendor in the Vendors module, you only have to mark this company as a vendor. And as long as Business2G Professional provides an unlimited number of companies' addresses, contacts, activities, notes and documents, all of this information is available in every company type set for a certain company.

To make your letters and e-mails more personalized use the template-based creation tool. Templates have macros applicable to any kind of personal info. Also, if you want to keep your partners informed of all your actions, use the tools of mass mailing.

Document Management

Document Management is to organize a single library of documents in your company. The documents can be stored in the database as well as at distributed computers. For your convenience of operation Document Library's window style is resembling of MS Windows Explorer style. All the operations of documents' addition and deletion are performed the same way as in MS Windows Explorer.

You can also create folders to catalogue your documents. Every document and folder can have additional properties.

You can add the documents directly from the file system or create them in the Document Library using templates of the documents registered in MS Windows. Also, documents can be edited in Document Library and all the changes will be recorded to database automatically.

Many modules, such as Customers, Vendors, Manufacturers, Inventory Items etc, have functionality similar to that of Document Library. For example, documents can be stored, organized by folders, created etc. in the customer's records.


To get all the information from software you can use over 140 ready reports, moreover, each report can be customized and become a basis for a new one. The system of reports in our software is designed to give you an opportunity to create new report forms especially for each module supporting reports. For example, you need another version of invoice report form with some slight differences and you create this new version on the basis of an original invoice report form, and then add the new form to Invoices module. This allows you to vary the version of report to send your customers, depending on different occasions.

Every report can be saved in such formats: PDF, RTF, HTML, XLS, XML, CSV, TXT, ODT, ODS, BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPEG.

Reports created or modified on one computer automatically become available on the other computers connected to the company's database.

For analytic reports there is an option of build reports in MS Excel.


To provide data security the software allows you to control the operations in the modules for each user.

To make it easier to set rules for each user, roles are provided. You can create a typical role just once and then assign it to all users with close functional duties.

If additional security level is required you can set the report-relating operation control.

To provide the data access audit, the software supports logging of all user's actions and saving the history of data changes.


All the operations relating to import and export are deeply integrated into the software and you can import or export any data list in few clicks - anywhere, anytime.

Data can be imported from formats Business2Go, MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL Server, CSV.

Data can be exported to formats HTML, MS Excel, XML, CSV.

If you face the necessity for complex data export, there is an advanced export tool.


You can backup your company databases and restore them if necessary. The backing tool allows to keep the history and backup operations log.

The mode of automated scheduled backup is also provided.


You can synchronize your MS Outlook contacts and events with software data.

Customizations and Configurations

Every module and data list is customizable - you can modify the fields you like to see in your data lists, create data groups, footers and other layout elements.

The adjustments created by you on one computer automatically become available on another computer under the same login registered in the program.