Which Edition is Right for You?

Every customer has their unique needs and demands. CreateMark aims to serve the needs of startups, small businesses, and established enterprises by offering a variety of solutions to satisfy the savviest and the most demanding customers.

Best for Start

These solutions are perfect for startups, small businesses and SOHO customers. Representing the best value for money, these products provide essential accounting, financial, and basic inventory support. By using these solutions, you'll be able to automate routine business tasks without overspending.

Startups, home offices and small businesses are welcome to use our free solution, Business2Go Start. The Start edition offers essentials that every small business needs. Customer and vendor tracking, invoicing, bills, receipts and purchase orders, checks and basic inventory control are included with the Start edition along with many other features. There are no charges, no restrictions and no limitations on who or in what way can use Business2Go Start.

Businesses with multiple employees, those with larger inventories and businesses dealing with overseas vendors will appreciate the additional power of Business2Go Small Business. This version has everything the Start edition offers, and includes enhanced inventory control with multiple warehouses, multi-currency accounting, and multi-user access with access control and module-level security. The reports in this edition are fully customizable.

Best for Result

Result-oriented solutions from this category offer yet more control over the performance of your company. Allowing increasing productivity and bringing customer interaction to a new level, our productivity solutions will help you organize your inventories better and get deeper insight into your business and its operations than ever. These solutions are even more customizable, and will provide even more operation security with advanced multi-user access.

Our Standard edition offers the most sophisticated inventory control with multiple warehouses, and inventory item control. Logistics support makes it possible to build relationships to mutually benefit your business, vendors, and customers. Advanced, fully customizable reports are also included.

The performance-oriented Professional edition is available for the most demanding customers. This edition offers the deepest insight into your enterprise, and allows building a result-oriented, efficient and fully scalable business. The Professional edition is our top-of-the-line product that offers advanced customer relation management features, data analysis and high-end report building capabilities. This edition has the strictest security, the most comprehensive access sharing control and audit features allowing managers to log and monitor actions of each authorized employee.