Special Offers

Business2Go Goes on Sale

For a limited time only, the new release of Business2Go is available at a reduced price. The sale ends May 31st, 2010.

Eligible Editions

Business2Go Small Business, Standard, and Professional editions are eligible for the discount.

New Customers

All new customers are eligible for a 30% discount for the Workstation License. In addition, all new customers purchasing the Site License of one of the eligible editions of Business2Go can upgrade to Business2Go Small Business Edition with a 60% discount, Standard Edition with a 65% discount, or to Professional Edition with a 75% discount. Combined, the savings are really astonishing! And if you buy the Site License, your order will get upgraded to Deluxe Support Plan free of charge. Hurry while this offer lasts - it expires on New Year's Day!

If ordering the Workstation License, use coupon code B2GONWWL30 to claim your discount. To order the Site License, use coupon code B2GONWSBSL60 if you are ordering Business2Go Small Business, coupon code B2GONWSTDSL65 if ordering Business2Go, and coupon code B2GONWPROSL75 if ordering Business2Go Professional.

Upgrading Customers

Existing customers can upgrade their edition to the newest release of Business2Go paying less than 20% of the sticker price. That's more than 80% in savings (71.5% from upgrade price)! Not only that, but if you buy the Site License your order will be upgraded to Deluxe Support Plan free of charge. Use coupon code B2GOUPGRD715TTL80 to claim your discount.

Yet Another 10% Off

Anyone can get yet another 10% off their order price by simply sharing their experience about using Business2Go. Tell us your success story and contact our Customer Service to receive your discount coupon!

Discounts at a Glance

New Customers

Use the following coupon codes to receive a discount towards the purchase of the various Business2Go editions.

Coupon Code Discount Edition License Type
B2GONWWL30 30% Small Business, Standard, or Professional Workstation License
B2GONWSBSL60 60% Small Business Site License
B2GONWSTDSL65 65% Standard Site License
B2GONWPROSL75 75% Professional Site License

Upgrading Customers

Use the following coupon code to receive a discount while upgrading your edition of Business2Go.

Coupon Code Discount Edition License Type
B2GOUPGRD715TTL80 80% Small Business, Standard, Professional Workstation License or Site License