CreateMark Name Change Reflects New Focus

Quest2Go Software is changing its name to CreateMark to reflect the company's shift of focus to offering creative, innovative approach to product development and customer service. The new company goes from simple to perfect with every product it designs and every customer it serves. A new range of products and services will be launched by the new company later during the year.

The needs of businesses change quickly, and so does CreateMark. After eleven years of operation under the name of Quest2Go Software, the company decided to underscore its shifted paradigm with a new name. The new name was chosen to accommodate the company's shifted paradigm from being one of the many software development companies to true innovator. Successfully designing, developing and delivering custom vertical market solutions to a wide variety of industries demands unprecedented level of creativity, personal approach to every customer, and meticulous care to details while preserving the company's heritage of quality development and attentive customer service. CreateMark believes that its new name reflects the company's changed priorities and speaks clearly to its customers.

About CreateMark

Founded in 1998 as Quest2Go Software, the company has undergone through a major re-branding eleven years later. Renamed to CreateMark, the revamped company services the needs of small and medium-size businesses all over the world by providing available and custom accounting, integrated CRM, Business Intelligence and Document Management solutions. The company strives to deliver the latest, state-of-the-art technologies to its customers, keeping the customers on the technological edge with regular updates. CreateMarks's goal is to automate customer relation, business workflow and accounting operations of small and medium-size businesses.

Business automation solutions designed and manufactured by CreateMark allow its customers running their businesses more smoothly, minimizing the efforts and getting rid of as much of time-consuming routine as only modern technologies make it possible. The company's flagship product, Business2Go, has everything necessary to help small and medium-size businesses to become successful enterprises. Vertical market customers and industries benefit from CreateMark's available platform which cuts down development time and costs to build custom solutions serving the needs of the most demanding customers. Based on Business2Go and using its extensive expertise in the field, CreateMark is ready to deliver custom vertical market solutions to various industries in no time.

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