CreateMark Discounts Business2Go

CreateMark announces the availability of time-limited discounts covering the entire range of its business automation products. Till the end of the year, new customers ordering various editions of Business2Go will be offered discounts ranging from 30% to 75% off the sticker price. Existing customers upgrading their Business2Go products will receive an 80% discount and a free upgrade to Premium Support Plan. New and upgrading customers ordering or upgrading to Business2Go Small Business, Standard, or Professional editions are eligible for the discount until May 31, 2010.

All new customers will automatically receive a 30% discount (Workstation License) if they order before the end of the year. In addition, new customers upgrading their Site License product to Business2Go Small Business will receive a 60% discount. Upgrading to the Standard edition will yield a 65% discount, and upgrades to the Professional edition earn a 75% discount. Orders for the Site License will receive a free upgrade to Deluxe Support Plan.

Existing customers will receive even deeper discounts. Upgrading an eligible edition of Business2Go can be done at only 20% of the original price; that's an 80% discount. All upgrades will receive a subscription to the Deluxe Support Plan free of charge.

Discount Structure

New customers will use the following coupon codes: B2GONWWL30 to receive a 30% discount towards the purchase of Small Business, Standard, and Professional editions; Workstation License. B2GONWSBSL60, 30% off Small Business edition, Site License. B2GONWSTDSL65, 65% off Standard edition, Site License. B2GONWPROSL75, 75% off Professional edition, Site License.

Upgrading customers will use a single coupon towards the upgrade of any edition of Business2Go. B2GOUPGRD715TTL80, 80% off Small Business, Standard, or Professional editions, Workstation License and Site License.

An additional discount of 10% can be used to bring down the total even more. Simply posting a success story of using Business2Go will bring a coupon code offering this extra discount. This coupon code can be combined with other discounts to reduce the total price of a new order or an upgrade.

About Business2Go

Business2Go is a range of cost-effective business management solutions aimed at small and medium-size businesses. The products improve your efficiency by taking care of the routine. Invoicing, quotations and receipts, tracking of customers and sales representatives, sales and purchase orders, vendor tracking, bills and bill payments are just a few functions automated by Business2Go. Extensive inventory control, banking and accounting support in multiple currencies, and multi-user operation with extensive permission management make Business2Go a truly universal solution for businesses of every size.

About CreateMark

Founded in 1998, CreateMark services the needs of small and medium-size businesses all over the world by providing available and custom accounting, integrated CRM, Business Intelligence and Document Management solutions. The company strives to deliver the latest, state-of-the-art technologies to its customers, keeping the clients on the technological edge with regular updates. CreateMarks's goal is to automate customer relation, business workflow and accounting operations of small and medium-size businesses.

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